Recognitions, awards


We heartily congratulate all our honored colleagues and wish them further successful work!


  • Edit Markó-Markechné Zelei (Institute of Archaeological Sciences Library)
    Barkóczy Ferenc-díj
    'The Barkóczy Ferenc-díj can be awarded to a non-teaching-researcher who has provided outstanding performance in the period prior to the award.'
  • Katalin Jakab (Institute of Hungarian Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies Library)
    Pro Universitate Emlékérem ezüst fokozat
    'The silver grade of the Pro Universitate Emlékérem can be awarded to the University's lecturers and researchers and other public employees for at least twenty years of outstanding activity.'


  • Gyöngyike Ábrahám (Institute of Germanic Studies Library)
    Trefort Ágoston Emléklap
    'The Trefort Ágoston Emléklap can be donated to non-teaching-research public servants who have achieved above-average performance over a long period of time or who have achieved outstanding merit in the year of the donation.'


  • They received faculty recognition based on the decision of the ELTE FoH Faculty Council
    • Edit Markó-Markechné Zelei (Institute of Archaeological Sciences Library)
    • Dóra Peszlen (Institute of Ancient and Classical Studies Harmatta János Library)
    • Erzsébet Vucskovics (Institute of Slavonic and Baltic Philology Library)
    • Andrea Zámodicsné Jókuti (Institute of Historical Studies Szekfű Gyula Library)