Organizational structure


Central Library

  • Central Reading Hall
    • Institute of Arts Communication and Music Collection
    • Institute for The Theory of Art and Media Studies Collection
  • Institute of Library and Information Science Library
  • Department of Translation and Interpreting Library
  • Department of Hungarian as a Foreign Language Collection

Library of English-American and Germanic Studies

  • School of English and American Studies Library
  • Institute of Germanic Studies Library

Library of Hungarian Linguistics, Literature and Studies of Philosophy

  • Institute of Hungarian Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies Library
    • Phonetic Deposit Collection
    • Department of Finno-Ugric Studies Library
  • Institute of Hungarian Literature and Cultural Studies Toldy Ferenc Library
  • Institute of Philosophy Library

Library of Archaeological Sciences, Ancient and Classical Studies

  • Institute of Archaeological Sciences Library
  • Institute of Ancient and Classical Studies Harmatta János Library
    • Ancient Philosophy Collection
    • Greek Department Working Group Library
    • Religious and Liturgy Science Library
  • Department of Assyriology and Hebrew Studies Library
  • Department of Egyptology Library

Library of Romance, Slavonic and Baltic Philology Studies

  • Department of French Language and Literature Library
  • Department of Italian Language and Literature Library
  • Department of Portuguese Language and Literature Library
  • Department of Romanian Philology Library
  • Department of Spanish Language and Literature Library
  • Institute of Slavonic and Baltic Philology Library

Library of East Asian and Oriental Studies

  • Institute of East Asian Studies Library
    • Mongol and Inner Asian Collection
    • Collection of the Budapest Centre for Buddhist Studies
  • Indological and Indo-European Linguistic Collection
  • Department of Iranian Studies Collection
  • Department of Semitic and Arabic Studies Collection
  • Department of Turkic Studies Library

Library of Historical, Art History, Ethnography and Folklore Studies

  • Institute of Historical Studies Szekfű Gyula Library
    • Atelier Department for Interdisciplinary History Library
    • ELTE-CEU Medieval Library
    • Department of Economic and Social History Collection
    • Department of Eastern and Central European History and Historical Russistics Collection
    • Department of Early Modern History Collection
    • Department of Cultural History Collection
    • Department of Ancient History Library
    • Russian Methodology Cabinet and Library
    • Department of Auxiliary Studies of History Collection
    • Department of Modern and Contemporary History Collection
    • Department of Modern and Contemporary Hungarian History Collection
  • Institute of Art History Library
  • Institute of Ethnography and Folklore Library

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